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User Friendly; How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play

User Friendly Design book cover.

User Friendly book is a great resource for understanding what a user friendly design even is, how to make one and how it influences us, as the users.

Here is some of the insights I have gained from this book:

  • To let humans use machines/apps comfortably, we need to have tight feedback loops - that way one knows immediately the effects of one’s action and how the subject reacts to it.
  • What’s user friendly design? Well, it’s the type of design that the user does not normally think about because it doesn’t get in the way of what people actually want to achieve!
  • One of the big design hurdles that big companies face is how to offer more with less friction instead of just offering more - that is how to properly intertwine features, so they seamlessly work together. The problem of big companies to achieve that goal is that they have numerous teams and it’s really hard to make those teams work seamlessly work together while sharing a single vision they could strive for. Instead teams wrok by themselves, only creating more features.
  • But all of us in tech industry should also note what effects the things we build have - as today’s apps quite often play on people’s tendency for addictions and the rush from eg. getting a Tinder match.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book - even if you are not a designer, nor a developer, I believe this book is for almost anyone.